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    Tips for destressing during COVID-19:


    1. Set up a new daily routine: Try your best to stick with a routine by getting up and ready every day. Plan a new schedule changing your activities up every hour or so. You should be getting up, stretching, taking breaks from the screens in between activities. 

    2. Take the time to check-in: Reach out to a close friend or family member at least once a day. It can be by phone, text, or FaceTime. Keep those meaningful conversations going.

    3. Change up the scenery: Go outside (while practicing social distancing) and get some sunshine. Take a walk.

    4. Be kind to yourself and others: This is uncharted territory for all. You may feel stressed. Your family may feel stressed. Others may be stressed too. Honor that stress you are feeling and others might be feeling too. Show a kindness to yourself and others. We are in this together.


    Additional resources for managing stress and anxiety related to COVID-19:

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