• Planning Reports

Student Accommodation Plan

  • The Student Accommodation Plan (SAP) provides detailed data about the school capacities, actual enrollment, and projected enrollment for five (5) years. The information complied in the preparation of this document comes from several different sources. Facilities Services, in partnership with Financial Services, provides the data related to projected student enrollment for the School District. Facilities Services provides the permanent and relocatable school capacities from the Florida Inventory of School Houses (FISH) Database. School Principals and Assistant Superintendents estimate their need for space to accommodate students based on the programs and membership projections for the following year. View the current Student Accommodation Plan below, for previous Student Accommodation Plans-click HERE.

Five-Year Work Plan

  • The Five Year District Facilities Work Plan (Five-Year Work Plan), is updated and submitted annually to the Florida Department of Education for approval by October 1 of each year. This document includes all of the facility improvements (new construction, remodeling/renovation of existing space and maintenance) that the District plans to undertake in the next five (5) years, with long range projections for ten (10) years and twenty (20) years. All Facility improvements contained in the Five-Year Work Plan must be included in the currently-approved Educational Plant Survey in order to finance the improvement with state funds. Improvements funded with locally generated revenue (impact fees, sales tax, local bonds) are not required to be contained in the approved Educational Plant Survey. View the current Five-Year Work Plan below, for previous Five-Year Work Plans, click HERE.

Educational Plant Survey

  • The Educational Plant Survey (EPS) is a document containing all of the facility improvements (new construction and remodeling/renovation of existing space, and use of relocatable classrooms) that have been approved by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). It is also the basis of the District's annual Five Year Facilities Work Plan. The purpose of the EPS is to document the facility needs of the School District on a school-by-school basis and to identify which capital projects may be initiated. The EPS must be prepared and submitted for approval every five years at a minimum, but intermediate updates, called "spot surveys" may be submitted at any time in order to obtain FDOE approvals for changes to the plan. View the current EPS below, for previous EPS reports, click HERE.