Textbook Information

  • Summer 2020 Textbook Information

    RHS will be giving EFSC textbook information through e-mail communication for the Summer 2020 Term.

    Please follow the steps below:

           After you have registered for summer classes at EFSC

    1. Log into myEFSC > Select EFSC Titan Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule (or Student Schedule) > Summer 2020
    2. Choose File > Print
    3. Change the print destination to > Save as PDF
    4. Save the PDF of your summer schedule as you name (ie. John Smith)
    5. Send and e-mail to Johnson.JenniferN@brevardschools.org with the subject EFSC Summer Textbooks and attach your PDF schedule. Also include in the body of the e-mail the shipping address that any physical textbooks will need to be shipped to if necessary.

    Once your textbook order has been placed, you will receive an e-mail from Ms. Jen confirming the order. Physical textbooks will be delivered to your house, digital ebooks will arrive as a code in a e-mail sent to your EFSC e-mail. Physical textbook delivery could take as much as 7-10 business days to reach you, so please be patient.


    Any student who signs up for a class that requires a lab manual or workbook, is responsible for purchasing their own.

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