Early Admission

  • Early Admission allows seniors to attend EFSC on a full-time basis.  Early Admission students typically carry a full course load of 5 classes at Estern Florida State College.  They may not attend classes at Rockledge High School (or FLVS/BVS), but may still participate in extra-curricular activities, graduation, and prom.  However, they are not eligible to participate in co-curricular activities, such as JROTC and marching band.

    In order to be eligible for Early Admission, students must have completed all high school graduation requirements with the exception of...

    • 1 credit English
    • 1 credit Math
    • 1 credit Science
    • 1 credit Social Science
    • 1/2 credit Performing/Fine Arts.


    Students must also earn college-ready scores in Reading, Writing, & Math and meet all GPA requirements.  An Early Admission Application* must be completed and submitted to EFSC by the application deadline to be accepted into the program.

    The deadline to apply for Early Admission has been extended to May 14, 2020.  Application packets* can be submitted to Eastern Florida State College via email to Lynn Demetriades. Packets that have been mailed and received will be processed as usual.  Any packets received since the shutdown will be processed when the campus reopens.  If you have sent your packet via postal service, please email Lynn Demetriades to confirm receipt.


    *Early Admission Application packets are available by contacting Mrs. Fenech.

Full-Time Dual Enrollment

  • Seniors who are inelgible to participate in Early Admission, for any reason, may attend Eastern Florida State College on a full-time basis for the spring semster only.  To be eligible for Full-time Dual Enrollment, students must have completed all high school graduation requirements with the exception of...

    • 1/2 credit Social Studies and/or Science
    • 2 rigorous course credits


     Students must earn college-ready scores and Reading and Writing and meet all GPA requirements.  Full-time Dual Enrollment does not require an application.

Important Documents