ALL communication with Rockledge High School should be conducted through your BPS student e-mail account.

    Communication with Eastern Florida State College MUST be done through your Student Dropbox or Titan e-mail account.

COVID-19 Updates (FAQs)

    1. How can I get updates about Dual Enrollment?
      • Sign up for updates from RHS Dual Enrollment (via Remind) using the codes on the Dual Enrollment page.
    2. My PERT test was cancelled.  How can I take the PERT?
      • EFSC is working on moving all placement testing to an online format as quickly as possible. The Accuplacer (CPT) test is now available online.  Information can be found at the Remote Placement Exam Process page on the EFSC website. Please check back for future updates and visit the Placement Testing page.
    3. Can I use my SAT/ACT scores for Dual Enrollment?
      • If you have taken the SAT/ACT within two years of the start of term in which you plan to take classes, you can use those scores.
      • Students can download a score report from the SAT/ACT website and submit it to Admissions using the Student Dropbox in myEFSC. The score report must include the student's name and test score section. See the Placement Testing page for specific instructions.
      • If you cannot access your score report online, please e-mail Mrs. Fenech at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org to request a transcript be sent to EFSC.
    4. How can I complete orientation during the COVID-19 shutdown?
      • Dual Enrollment orientations are now available online via myEFSC.  Please see the Orientation page for specific instructions.
    5. How do I send my transcript to EFSC for Dual Enrollment?
      • If you are new to Dual Enrollment and have recently attended or plan to attend orienation online, EFSC will request your transcript directly from Rockledge High School.  You do not need to do anything at this time.
      • If you are resubmitting a transcript for foreign language credit, etc., email requests to Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org.
    6. I'm in the 9th grade and plan to participate in Collegiate High School next year.  What's next?
      • Mrs. Fenech is currently holding weekly informational meetings for new Dual Enrolled students.  Please see the main Dual Enrollment page for the most up-to-date information.
    7. How do I know which classes to choose for Dual Enrollment?
      • Visit the Course Selection page to learn more about the process for choosing courses.  You can also attend a weekly Q&A session to learn about the proccess and ask specific questions. Please see the main Dual Enrollment page for more information.
    8. How many classes can I take during the summer?
      • Except for those in the Collegiate High School program, Dual Enrolled students may take 1 class during the summer.  Collegiate High School students may take 2 summer courses.  This is a policy change from previous years.  It is written into the annual Articulation Agreement between BPS and EFSC and is not flexible.
    9. How can I set up an appointment for registration assistance?
      • If you are new to Dual Enrollment, please attend one of the weekly Q&A sessions, prior to requesting a one-on-one meeting.  More info is available at the main Dual Enrollment page.
      • If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Dual Enrollment counselor, please contact Mrs. Fenech at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org to arrange a time and format to meet your needs.  Please specifiy the reason for the appointment and which term you are planning to register for.
    10. Who can I contact at EFSC for help with course selection?
    11. What is my B#?
      • Your B# is your student number at Eastern Florida State College.  You should memorize or keep this number in an easily accessible place, such as your phone. If you forget your B#, you can use the "I Don't Remember My Student ID" link on the myEFSC login page to recover it.
    12. How do I log in to myEFSC?
    13. I have a hold on my account. Why can't I register online?
      • Dual Enrollment students cannot register online like traditional students.  You must follow the process on the Course Registration page to register for classes.  This is the same as previous semesters.  The forms are just submitted electronically, rather than in person.
    14. How do I register for summer/fall classes during the shutdown?
      • The instructions for registering during the COVID-19 closure can be found on the Course Registration page.
    15. I didn't pick up a Course Request form before spring break. Where can I get one?
      • Please see the Course Registration page.  The Course Request form is available throughout the Dual Enrollment pages under Important Documents.
    16. I'm having trouble completing/signing the forms to submit for registration.  Can you help me?
    17. How can I get my eligibility form completed for Early Admission?
    18. Where do I submit my Early Admission application?
      • Updated instructions can be found on the Early Admission page.  All Early Admission packets must be sent via email, as offices at EFSC are closed.
    19. How do I turn in my spring semester college textbooks?
      • These procedures are pending, based on decisions regarding school closures for the remainder of the term. Please check back for updates.
    20. How do I request textbooks for summer/fall semesters?
    21. Why does my account say I owe money for tuition?
      • Your student account may reflect a balance due until the paperwork/payment is processed through the district.  Some students even receive automated phone calls.  You DO NOT have to pay for tuition.  Please disregard any notifications you receive.  You will only pay the $10 technology access fee.
    22. I'm graduating and need a Graduation Pending letter in order to register for summer classes at EFSC.  Where do I get that?

Important Documents