Communication with Rockledge High School should be conducted through your BPS student e-mail account.     

    ALL Communication with Eastern Florida State College MUST be done through your Student Dropbox or Titan e-mail account.


    1. HELP!! I'm failing my class! How do I withdraw?
      • Students should review their course syllabus as soon as they receive it.  The add/drop period is the first week of class each semester.  During add/drop week, students may contact Mrs. Fenech for an add/drop form to make changes to their schedule.  However, it may not always be possible to add a course during the add/drop period, especially once class days have been missed.  Dropping an EFSC course may result in the student being placed in a class at RHS.
      • Once add/drop week has passed, a student must make an effort to pass their courses and seek assistance, whenever necessary.  See the Course Withdrawal page for additional information and links to tutoring services.
    2. How can I get updates about Dual Enrollment?
      • Sign up for updates from RHS Dual Enrollment (via Remind) using the codes on the Dual Enrollment page.
    3. My PERT test was cancelled.  How can I take the PERT?
      • Cocoa and Melbourne campuses are now offering limited testing. Please visit the Placement Testing page for updated information.
    4. Can I use my SAT/ACT scores for Dual Enrollment?
      • If you have taken the SAT/ACT within two years of the start of term in which you plan to take classes, you can use those scores.
      • Students can download a score report from the SAT/ACT website and submit it to Admissions using the Student Dropbox in myEFSC. The score report must include the student's name and test score section. See the Placement Testing page for specific instructions.
    5. How can I complete orientation during the COVID-19 shutdown?
      • Dual Enrollment orientations are now available online via myEFSC.  Please see the Orientation page for specific instructions.
    6. How do I send my transcript to EFSC for Dual Enrollment?
      • If you are new to Dual Enrollment and have recently attended or plan to attend orienation online, EFSC will request your transcript directly from Rockledge High School.  You do not need to do anything at this time.
      • If you are resubmitting a transcript for foreign language credit, etc., email requests to Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org.
    7. How do I submit Cambridge (AICE) results to EFSC for course credit?
    8. I'm in the 9th grade and plan to participate in Collegiate High School next year.  What's next?
      • Freshmen who meet the qualifications for Collegiate High School will receive a letter (after fall grades have posted) inviting them to an informational meeting. They will be given the opportunity to ask questions and sign up to take the PERT test at RHS sometime in February. Please see the Collegiate High School page for the most up-to-date information.
    9. How do I know which classes to choose for Dual Enrollment?
      • Visit the Course Selection page to learn more about the process for choosing courses.
      • Students can also attend an online Q&A session to learn about the proccess and ask specific questions. Meetings will resume once the spring course schedule has posted.  Please see the main Dual Enrollment page for more information.
    10. How many classes can I take during the summer?
      • Except for those in the Collegiate High School program, Dual Enrolled students may take 1 class during the summer.  Collegiate High School students may take 2 summer courses.  This is a policy change from previous years.  It is written into the annual Articulation Agreement between BPS and EFSC and is not flexible.
    11. How many classes do I still need to complete my A.A.?
      • Students can track their progress towards their Associates degree using the A.A. Planning Guide.  Specific degree requirements are based on the year a student first took college coursework.  Please see Mrs. Fenech for appropriate planning guide.
      • Students can also perform a degree audit using the myGPS (Graduation Plan for Success) tool available via their myEFSC account. This color-coded system is a quick and easy way to see which subject areas must still be completed, as well as how many total credits a student has earned (including current coursework).
    12. How can I set up an appointment for registration assistance?
      • New Dual Enrollment students should attend an online Q&A session, prior to requesting a one-on-one meeting.  Meetings will resume once the upcoming term course schedule is posted.  More info will be available at the main Dual Enrollment page.
      • If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Dual Enrollment counselor, please contact Mrs. Fenech at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org to arrange a time and format to meet your needs.  Please specifiy the reason for the appointment and for which term you are planning to register.
    13. Who can I contact at EFSC for help with course selection?
      • Each student is assigned an advisor, which you can find by logging into myEFSC.
      • Students can also contact RHS's assigned Dual Enrollment advisor, Angela Garibay (GaribayA@easternflorida.edu).
    14. What is my B#?
      • Your B# is your student number at Eastern Florida State College.  You should memorize or keep this number in an easily accessible place, such as your phone. If you forget your B#, you can use the "I Don't Remember My Student ID" link on the myEFSC login page to recover it.
    15. How do I get a student ID card to access the library, ride the SCAT bus, etc.?
    16. How do I log in to myEFSC?
    17. I have a hold on my account. Why can't I register online?
      • Dual Enrollment students cannot register online like traditional students.  You must follow the process on the Course Registration page to register for classes.  This is the same as previous semesters.  The forms are just submitted electronically/via email, rather than in person.
    18. How do I register for classes during the shutdown?
      • The instructions for registering during the COVID-19 closure can be found on the Course Registration page.
    19. I'm having trouble completing/signing the forms to submit for registration.  Can you help me?
    20. How do I access my online courses?
      • Log into myEFSC and click the Canvas icon.
      • From the student dashboard, select the Canvas Orientation icon and complete the orientation and accompanying quiz.
      • Classes will appear on the student dashboard as they are posted by each instructor.  Call 321-433-7600 for Canvas Support.
    21. How do I request textbooks?
    22. Why does my account say I owe money for tuition?
      • Your student account may reflect a balance due until the paperwork/payment is processed through the district.  Some students even receive automated phone calls.  You DO NOT have to pay for tuition.  Please disregard any notifications you receive.  You will pay the $10 technology access fee each semester.
    23. I'm a graduating senior.  How do I register for Summer and Fall term classes?
      • Graduating seniors should obtain a Graduation Pending Letter from their Guidance Counselor to allow them to register for Summer term courses.
      • Students will not be allowed to register for Fall term courses until they have graduated from high school and submitted a final transcript to EFSC.

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