If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader (on your computer), you may not be able to fill and sign PDFs. It is FREE to download, but some people do not have it installed, because PDFs are now viewable in web browsers, with limited functionality.  It is highly recommended that you open PDFs in Acrobat (on your computer) or  sign and save them using a smart phone. See instructions below.

Course Registration

  • NOTE: Most fall classes will be conducted online.  Please be aware that Live Online courses may still hold lectures/discussions at the originally scheduled times.

Step 1

  • To request a Dual Enrollment Registration form:

    1. Download the Course Request form and save it AS A PDF with the name format "Course Request-LastName,FirstInitial" (ex: Mary Smith="Course Request-Smith,M").
    2. Fill out the entire form*SEE BELOW, following all directions, and save it again.
    3. E-mail the completed form to the Dual Enrollment counselor at Fenech.Allison@brevardschools.org.
      • DO NOT send this form to EFSC


    A completed Dual Enrollment Registration form (including all required signatures) will be e-mailed to the student, along with an EFSC Add/Drop Form. Please allow at least one week for processing prior to any scheduled appointments you may have at EFSC.

Step 2

  •  To register for classes at EFSC:

    1. Sign* the registration and add/drop forms from the counselor (parent and student) and save them.
    2. Submit the completed forms to EFSC Advising using the Student Document Dropbox in your myEFSC account (See the Online Quick Reference Guide).


    An EFSC advisor will proccess the course selections, contact the student if any issues/concerns arise, and send a confirmation email once the student is registered in courses. Students may view/print their schedule by logging in to myEFSC and selecting...

    • EFSC Titan Web > Student Services > Registration > Student Detail Schedule OR Student Schedule by Day and Time
    • Save a copy of your schedule by selecting Print > To File OR To PDF

Step 3

  •  To request textbooks from the RHS Textbook Coordinator:

    1. Save a copy of your student schedule using the instructions above.
    2. Email your schedule to Ms. Jen at Johnson.JenniferN@Brevardschools.org, following the instructions on the Textbook Information page.


    Ms. Jen will contact you with further instructions for acquiring your summer textbooks.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to check their EFSC Titan Email frequently throughout this process as this will be the primary means of communication with the college.

    *To complete and sign PDF documents, students should open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader (not a web browser) and select the Fill & Sign option under Tools. Signatures can be created using text, drawing, or image. PDFs can also be opened on a smartphone and signed using the markup tool, which allows for both drawing and text options.

Important Documents