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    Eckerd Connects has been serving schools in Brevard County for 20 years by providing in-school services as well as helping school families receive community resources. Eckerd Connects started at University Park in 2019 as part of Eckerd Connects' Hi-5 program. The program is geared towards helping students identify their strengths and protective factors in order to prevent them from engaging in negative behaviors, including substance use.


    When University Park became an "Eckerd School" we were assigned a Prevention Specialist that works full time with our students and staff. Our Prevention Specialist is Mrs. Kolobow. She teaches Social Emotional Learning to all the 3rd – 6th Grade students. She meets with each class once a week and teaches them about self-esteem, how to deal with emotions, and social/communication skills (such as assertiveness and learning ways to say “No").


    In addition to teaching, Mrs. Kolobow works with students individually and in small groups. Students in these services meet with her once per week for several months. When working with children individually, Mrs. Kolobow helps them identify their strengths and areas of concern. With that information, together they develop a prevention plan with goals for them to work on in sessions. The small group sessions are for 3-5 students and focus on topics such as social skills, anger management, and conflict resolution.


    Mrs. Kolobow has become an integral part of the University Park staff and we are grateful for her knowledge and commitment to our students. Due to school buildings closing, she has moved her teaching online and you can view her videos below. She is also still working with individual students and families via phone. If you would like to speak to Mrs. Kolobow, you can reach her at the contact information below. 




    Christine Kolobow, Prevention Specialist


    Contact Information:

    Phone/Text: (321) 576-5906

    E-mail: ckolobow@eckerd.org