• Welcome to the Palm Bay Magnet High School Registration Portal for the 2022-23 school year.  We are excited about the upcoming school year and would like each of our new or returning students to choose their electives for the 2023 school year.  All new and returning student’s current teachers and counselors have made academic recommendations for MESH (Math, English, Science and History) courses for next year.  Therefore, academic courses are set for next year.


    Most all of our students were able to meet with guidance counselors through their English teachers at PBMHS or through their social studies teachers at the middle school and review their elective choices.  For those students who met with a counselor and submitted their electives via the appropriate Google form - Congratulations, you have completed the registration process and will be receiving a copy of your requests this summer through FOCUS.


    For students who did not get the opportunity to review your elective choices with a guidance counselor, you may follow the appropriate link below to submit your elective choices.  There are information links that will explain your elective choices and then an additional google link for you to complete and submit your elective choices.  ***Please be sure to include a good phone number and email address to reach you should we have any questions about your schedule for next year.***



    Current 8th graders use these links below for Information and Submitting your Elective Choices:

    Please use the Elective Registration Packet for Freshmen to review information about your schedule and view elective choices for next year:  Elective Registration Packet for Freshmen 2022 - 2023


    Once you have chosen 4 Electives, access the link below to complete and submit your elective choices for the 2022-23 school year:

    Palm Bay Magnet High School Freshmen Registration Instructions
    1. Type https://forms.gle/nQTnUnrG6ukKGiot6 into your internet browser or scan this QR code:

    2. Read the information at the top of the form.

    3. Enter your demographic information. Please note this information must match how you are registered with your current school (no nicknames).  

    4. You can preview our course descriptions directly through the form if you would like more information prior to making your final selections.  

    5. Choose your top 4 choices for electives.  

    6. Share any other information pertaining to your elective choices.  

    7. Click submit.

    Please note that if you attend a BPS middle school, your Math, English, Science & History courses will be recommended by your current teachers.
    If you do not attend a BPS middle school, you will be contacted during the summer by our guidance department to determine proper placement.



    Freshmen Registration Information Video featuring Mrs. Colona - Coming Soon!



    Students who are currently in grades 9-11 in high school use the following links to review elective offerings and submitting your elective choices:

    Students and Parents should review the 2023 Instructional Handbook for graduation information, accelerated program and access course descriptions:  2022 - 23 PBMHS Instructional Handbook


    CLICK HERE for Current PBMHS Grades 9-11 Registration Instructions: PBMHS 2023 Registration Instructions for Current 9th-11th Graders  


    CLICK HERE to review all the ELECTIVE offerings for PBMHS and write down your TOP FIVE Electives:  2022 - 2023 Elective Choice Guide for PBMHS Students


    Once you have chosen your FIVE Electives, access the link below to complete and submit your elective choices for the 22-23 school year.




Elective Registration Video for Current PBMHS Students