Re-enrollment forms for returning Brevard County students for 2023-24 will be pushed out to parent portals in Focus in March 2023.  If you do not have a parent Focus account pin, please contact the school for assistance in setting up the account.  This re-enrollment form takes the place of the paper application.  Parents/guardians will need to verify and update all information through Focus.  Please be sure to provide your two proofs of residence (one item from each Tier):

    Tier 1 – copy of Driver’s License, lease or mortgage. Must have current address.

    Tier 2 – copy of a recent (within 30-45 days) utility statement, or Florida Voter Registration card, or Florida vehicle registration.

    The link below is available to help with completing the re-enrollment form.


    Immunization requirements for 2023-2024 CLICK HERE


    For students NEW to Brevard County or those enrolling from a private or home education program, please contact Ms. Rosemary Drury at extension 31623 or email DRURY.ROSEMARY@BREVARDSCHOOLS.ORG for registration instructions.

    Students who have never been previously enrolled in Brevard Public Schools may access the online enrollment for new students  https://bit.ly/FocusOnlineApp.  Please note that there is additional documentation that will need to be provided to the school registrar.


    Bus Request Form for students changing schools next school year (2023-24) can be found at:   https://forms.gle/ee6iZqn5bYATT4ac7

    This is for 6th grade students who will be moving to middle school, and 8th grade students who will be moving to high school.  If your child currently rides a bus to the same school of attendance for next year, you do not need to complete this form.


    Print Directions for parents https://bit.ly/BPSreenrollment 

    QR Code for Print  Directions 

    Video Directions for parents link: https://bit.ly/FocusRe-Enroll

    QR Code for Video Directions 


    The video is extremely helpful and will show parents exactly where to find the re-enrollment form.


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