• Welcome to Viera Elementary's student registration page. 


    The following information is required to enroll a student in Viera Elementary School: 

    • Copies of two proofs of residence, one from Tier One & one from Tier Two. Accepted Proofs
    • An original certified birth certificate as proof of age. A copy will be made upon registering at Viera Elementary. 
    • A copy of a Florida Certificate of Immunization, Form 680 (blue card), completed by a Florida physician or by a Florida county health department. Parents should obtain a copy of their child's complete immunization history before leaving their current residence, as this form is not available to the general public. Information on Florida school immunization requirements is available at http://www.doh.state.fl.us/Family/school/parent/parent_info.html.
    • A copy of a medical exam completed no less than 12 months prior to the child's school entry date. Parents may submit this information on the School-Entry Health Exam Form (DH 3040) or provide a copy of the exam obtained from their current physician before moving to Florida