Standards of Conduct for Riding the School Bus

    1. The parents/guardians shall ensure the safe travel of their students during portions of each trip to and from school and home when the students are not under the custody and control of the school district, including during each trip to and from home and the assigned bus stop when the school district provides bus transportation.

    2. The parents/guardians shall ensure that when the physical disability of the student renders the student unable to get on and off the bus without assistance, the parent or guardian shall provide the necessary assistance to help the student get on or off at the bus stop, as required by district policy or the student's individual education plan. (FAC 6A-3.0121)

    3. The driver is in full charge of the bus and students. Students must obey the driver at all times and follow the posted rules for riding the school bus.

    4. Students must be at the bus stop on time. The bus will not wait for students who are tardy. Plan to be at the bus stop no less than five (5) minutes prior to bus arrival.

    5. Never chase after a bus that has pulled away from the bus stop or has pulled away in the bus loop.

    6. Stand five (5) feet off the roadway at all times while waiting for the bus. Avoid horseplay at the bus stop and always respect the privacy and property of others. A student’s parent or guardian has responsibility for the control and direction of students at the bus stop.


    Instructions posted in every bus:

    Instructions for pupils riding buses


    The rules are agreed to by signing your bus slip. Rules from the bus slip are pictured below.