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  • Resources for PBMHS eLearners

    The links below will take you to helpful instructions for the technology you will need to use for eLearning.  This website will be updated regularly with new and additional information as it becomes available.



    Reading Plus Progress Monitoring

    The second window for Reading Plus Progress Monitoring opens on 11/2/2020.  If you are in 9th - 11th grade and haven't completed your SECOND Reading Plus Progress Monitoring, please do so ASAP.  We would like all students who need to progress monitor to complete this before Thanksgiving Break.  Click HERE for instructions!



    EOC Winter Testing for Algebra 1, Geometry, Biology and US History

    Please click HERE for the eLearner testing schedule.  It is listed by student number and was updated on 11/30/20 @ 3:30 PM.  Please complete this Google survey to confirm OR reschedule your test.


    11/30 - 12/18/2020     Algebra EOC RETAKES

    (students in Algebra prior to this school year who need a passing score for graduation)


    1/4 - 1/29/2021    Geometry, US History, Biology, AND Algebra EOC

    (for all students in these courses NOW during Semester 1)



    eLearners, Algebra 1 EOC retakes for students who were previously in this course, will begin testing at school on December 2, 2020.  If you are in the above courses right now during first semester, you will be taking the EOCs on campus AFTER Winter Break.  These End-of-Course Exams are 30% of your course grade.  Please make arrangements to be at school on the dates of the test(s) you are taking.  You will come to school between 8:15 - 8:30 on your assigned dates.  Masks and a photo ID are required.  Students will be socially distanced and will have hand sanitizer available. 




    E-Learner Picture Day is Thursday, October 29, 2020.

    There will not be another Picture Day on campus this school year.  If you missed Picture Day and would like student portraits taken, please contact DSP directly to schedule a session at their studio.




    Youth Mental Health Videos Information, Dates, and Bell Schedule

    Youth Mental Health Lessons and Dates

    Youth Mental Health Bell Schedule




    Grade 10 FSA ELA

    Gr 10 ELA Retake will be available again in February 2021.




    PSAT was on campus on October 14, 2020

    If you missed this test, you have been automatically signed up for the make-up PSAT on Jan. 26, 2021.


    Brevard County has selected the PSAT/NMSQT® offered by The College Board to provide all 10th graders the opportunity to take a test predicting readiness for college/career and advanced coursework. This test is offered free of charge to all 10th graders enrolled in public schools. Juniors and seniors will be charged $17.00 dollars and can sign up in guidance, but must do so quickly because spots are limited.

    The PSAT will be administered ON CAMPUS on October 14th 2020.

    On test day, students should bring:
    • An acceptable calculator for the Math Test – Calculator portion of test only. An acceptable list is on the Palm Bay Magnet High School website.
    • Photo ID- this must be a picture ID. Students can use their school issued ID card, driver’s license or permit, or a government issued passport, military ID or national ID card.
    • Snack and drink with twist top cap/lid: Due to the length of the test, students will not have lunch until after 1:00 pm. Students will have an opportunity for a break and may bring a nutritious snack and a drink with a cap/lid that can be reclosed.

    On test day, students should NOT bring:
    • Highlighters, ear plugs, rulers, dictionaries or other books, pens, mechanical/colored pencils, pamphlets or papers of any kind, including scratch paper.
    • Electronic equipment, including phones of any kind; personal computing devices (laptops, notebooks, Bluetooth devices, or tablets); cameras; timers; audio players/recorders; wearable technology; digital watches, including smart watches, that can be used to record, transmit, or receive information; or any other prohibited device. If your student is found with an electronic device during testing, his or her test will be invalidated.

    Please arrive at school by 8:15 AM and enter through the Gym entrance in the front parking lot.
    Photo IDs will be checked outside and students must have on a mask as they enter the gym.



    Checking Student Emails in Outlook - Check your Office 365 Outlook email once a day!

    Written directions:  

    Video directions:



    2020-21 PBMHS Bell Schedule

    Your 3rd period teacher will let you know which lunch to take.



    2020-21 PBMHS Early Release Bell Schedule



    Brevard Launchpad



    First Day Access for Secondary eLearners



    Tech Tools for Parents and Students 

    This site contains information regarding FOCUS, Launchpad, Google Classroom, Zoom, and more!



    Password Reset

    Please click above link to send an email to request a password reset and include your student number.



     2020-21 BPS Student Code of Conduct