•  Sea Park Elementary Gifted Student Program


    Tribal Leadership


    Program Goals

    The Gifted Student Program includes the following goals:

    • Provide an educational program with a wide variety of educational opportunities that will enable each gifted student to develop his/her own unique potential. 
    • Provide gifted students with opportunities to interact with intellectual peers and experience advanced learning situations.
    • Develop and extend the thinking abilities of each gifted child
    • Develop and nurture creativity and productive divergent thinking
    • Help each gifted child become a self-directed learner


    Student Goals-

    1.  Can demonstrate effective and creative written and oral communication in various formats appropriate for purpose and audience.

    2.  Can solve real-world problems by applying various strategies

    3.  Are self-directed learners who can self-evaluate using different perspectives.

    4.  Are responsible/respectful leaders/citizens who can empathize in various situations.



    About Me -

    Hello, my name is Amy Weir and I am so excited to teach gifted students at Sea Park.  I previously taught in Colorado prior to relocating to Florida.  I am a certified teacher and meet all qualifications necessary for this position.  I have worked many years as a gifted and talented District Coordinator with teh Weld County School District.  


    This Year in GSP-


    This year the Gifted Program will center around leadership and take place all around campus, including in the gardens, computer lab, and the surrounding community.  As part of our unit called Tribal Leadership students will compete in fun, non-competitive activities that will challenge their intellectual, cooperative, and athletic skills.   I will address the unique challenges that gifted students sometimes face, so that students better understand their own learning styles and how to positively cope with stress and conflict.  I want to teach students how to think, not what to think and help them to use their energy and passion to make our school an even more incredible place, as well as develop their own potential. 


    Students will also participate in individual challenges, completing 5 steps of 3 separate independent research projects.  They will proceed at their own pace and earn a colored bead for each step of their project.  Students will present their projects to the class when they have completed all three products related to their project, a speech, a visual “show and share” product and a final product of their choice.  Research must include one leader in their area of choice.  This independent study time in class will be facilitated by the teacher as she helps students ask essentials questions about topics they are passionate about, conduct quality research in that area, discover leaders in their area of choice and present quality products that share their passion with the world.  Students can invite their parents in when they present their projects to the class.  Students may use their speeches to enter in the Tropicana Speech Contest in the spring.


    Field Trips-

    Students will be going on a virtual A Day in the Life of the Lagoon field trip in November.  

    We may be going on one group field trip this year, a walking field trip to the City Hall.  I will let you know when I have more details.


    Home Room Parent -

    I currently do not have a home room parent at either school.  However, I always appreciate the support and participation of parents in our GSP family. 


    Classroom Supplies -

    We occasionally have the need for classroom supplies, such as pencils or paper.  I will send lists in future newsletters and put a wish list on our GSP page.

    If you have any items you would like to donate please let me know!


    4-H Club -

    Once we are able to have club activities students will recite the 4-H pledge in class and have the chance to access some of the great materials 4-H has to offer.  The leadership curriculum and projects they provide are excellent.  All my GSP students will be eligible to join our Fantastic Farm 4-H club if they would like to participate in the County Fair, annual County Campout and other great 4-H programs.  They are not required to attend any after school or weekend meetings.  You can sign your child up for free at 4-H online https://www.4honline.com/.  Please let me know if you would like more information.


    Animals -

    We will have a variety of animals in the classroom to support specific curriculum-related projects and activities. Please notify me if you have any health related or other concerns.


    Thank you for allowing me to teach your children.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  You can reach me at


    Amy Weir

    Sea Park Teacher, Gifted Student Program

    Email – weir.amy@brevardschools.org

    Sea Park – 321-779-2050 ext. 51047