• Passion Projects GSP Students 2018 


    6th Grade (8)

    Dale -Murals

    Nicole - Curing cancer

    Grady -History of Cows

    Ferris -Origin of snakes

    Will -Origin of comedy

    Gage -Google


    5th  Grade (13)

    Kian -DNA of dinosaur

    Bella -Avocados

    Hudson -How to Build Computers

    Dalton -Giant Schnauzers

    Addilyn -Origin of Greek Gods

    Greg -Snook

    Gage -Boston Terriers

    Kylie -Training Puppies

    Brady -Cross Breeding Plants

    Evan -Day in the life of Roman Soldier

    Vander -Making a website

    Dustin -Sustaining Life on Mars

    Sophia -How to hatch and raise ducks


    4th Grade (12)

    Landin -Sushi grade fish

    Julia - ASL

    Logan – Magnetic Leviation

    Hayden – Greek Gods and Heros

    Connor – Deep Sea Ocean Animals

    Paige – Animal Communication

    Christian - Magnets

    Zander – Types of Engineers

    Harper – Evolution of Cars

    Zach – Bermuda Triangle

    Kayla – Endangered Animals

    Lucy - Sculpture





    3rd Grade (3)

    Averi -Budgeting for a horse

    Addie -Training Dogs

    Jeffrey -Getting to Mars



    2nd Grade (3)

    Caleb -Reptiles

    Gaspard -Making a Baseball

    Olive -Hamsters


    1st Grade (1)

    Eva -Training Animals