• Good Afternoon Parents,

    Hope you are all well.

    Many of your students turned in their volunteer log sheets.

    Few haven’t ,if your child is still looking for volunteer opportunities

    Please consider volunteering at

    Hundred Acre Hollows Inc

    Hundred Acre Hollows, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) grassroots organization that is working to enhance the lives of others by creating public accessible green space.

    Hundred Acre Hollows Board is made up of residents of Sun tree and Viera. They are
    dedicated to ensure that Hundred Acre Hollows remains home to the threatened
    Gopher Tortoises and other animals that live there while also being a green
    space that the people of Brevard County can enjoy.

    Please check their website here :https://www.hundredacrehollows.org/

    To Volunteer please email  directly at: contact@hundredacrehollows.org

    Also, we require your support towards the NJHS/BETA club food drive venture by donating cans of food to the food pantry please see the attached brochure for further information.





    Thank you, dear parents, for your donations and support towards the NJHS/BETA club Pet food drive event in support of the BREVARD HUMANE SOCIETY.  Please see the delivery of donations flyer- HERE


    Founders Day Parade


    NJHS and Beta Club are holding a Pet Food Drive- Click here for flyer



    NJHS beta parent email


    Making Strides


     NJHS/BETA Communication link- Click Here




    NJHS/BETA- Returning Members Meeting 9/20/2021 @ 8:45



    Ms. Judith Robert will be our 2021-2022 NJHS club sponser!



    Ms. Nancy Claderone will be our 2021-2022 BETA club sponser!



    2021-2022 NJHS Beta Invitation Letter.pdf


    • The deadline to turn in their application is SEPTEMBER 15TH.
    • They need to bring in their dues and the completed application to Ms. Judith Robert LAB (218).( NJHS:  $25;Beta:   $25 ;Both Clubs: $40   )
    • Returning members do not pay dues
    • Returning members interested in Officer positions need to email robert.judith@brevardschools.org before September 6th First meeting for returning members on September 20th at 8:45 AM to vote for officers