• **Important Changes for the 2021/2022 Academic Year**

    Dual Enrollment will only be offered during Periods 5, 6, and 7. Students should plan ahead to ensure they are choosing classes that will not conflict with their West Shore classes for Periods 1-4. 

    Please click on the appropriate term for important dates and information for the upcoming SUMMER and FALL Terms

    *Reminder: Students may only take ONE class in the Summer Term, unless taking through the Early College Credit Option (ECCO)*

    West Shore Dual Enrollment Contracts

    Dual Enrollment Contract

    • Dual enrollment is available for students in Grades 10-12. Students will take 1-3 Dual Enrollment classes and remaining classes are taken at West Shore. 

    Early Admissions Contract

    • Early Admissions is for senior students interested in taking their entire senior coursework through EFSC.

    • **EA Students are still required to successfully complete a senior project and are expected to be in constant contact with the senior project teacher**

    On Campus College Algebra/Trigonometry Contract 

    • On Campus College Algebra/Trigonomentry is a Dual Enrollment course offered on campus at West Shore. Even students who will never take a class at EFSC are still considered DE students and therefore must still complete all of the same admission requirements in order to take this course. 


    First Time Dual Enrollment Students


    Current Dual Enrollment Students

    • Complete a new Dual Enrollment Contract each academic year (see above)

    • Contact your school counselor for next steps, including GPA check and Registration Form



    Textbook Information

    • After registration, take your EFSC class schedule back to the Guidance Office and the Media Center. The Media Center Specialist will provide the required textbook and/or electronic access code for your selected EFSC courses. You are responsible for purchasing required consumable materials such as lab manuals or workbooks, which cannot be used by another student. Textbooks orders must occur within the first two weeks of classes (preferably much sooner, to ensure you have them on time). 

    • EFSC Bookstore


    Additional Information