Download this flyer here: CTE Internship Flyer

    Career and Technical Education Internship Program:

    The Career and Technical Education Department is proud to provide opportunities for BPS CTE students to gain valuable experience and training as interns.  We have partnered with some of the best companies and businesses in the county to offer our students the chance to learn from knowledgeable and skilled professionals.  Student interns have a unique opportunity to earn high school credit while working on the job to prepare them for their post-secondary and workforce aspirations.

    Internship Application Window (Deadline is March 22nd, 2024):


    You can download the application here: CTE Internship Application 2024

    Program Eligibility:

    • Rising seniors
    • Enrolled in a CTE program
    • Have completed at least two of their CTE program classes, preferably three, to keep on track for Bright Futures eligibility 
    • Have completed all courses required to graduate or are on track to graduate

    Program Requirement Overview:

    • Students must work a minimum 150 hours per credit hour earned over the course of the internship (generally August through May).
    • Department suggests a two-period block for scheduling. Example: 1st and 2nd period or 6th and 7th period. This allows more schedule flexibility for work hours. Please note: if scheduled for a two-period block, students must work a minimum of 300 hours (150 hours per credit hour) over the course of the internship. This equates to approximately 10 hours a week. 
    • Students can earn multiple credits (school year placements) if the schedule allows.
    • Summer internship opportunities are limited. Currently, course credit cannot be earned for summer opportunities.
    • Placements are not guaranteed though the department strives to place all applicants. It is highly recommended for students to start networking early in their field of study for potential placement options.
    • Internship placement industries must align with the CTE program. Example of what would not work: an automotive CTE student seeking placement in a culinary setting.
    • Important: Please consider the current workload a student has. We want students to have a valuable experience and not be overloaded with responsibilities (extracurricular activities, heavy course load etc.)

    Program Handbook:

    CTE Internship Program Handbook


    Business Partners Needed:

    We are actively seeking businesses to become partners in our BPS CTE Internship Program. While interns gain invaluable experience and training with you as their mentor, your industry is greatly enhanced by developing skilled, future employees.  If you are interested in hosting an intern, please refer to the information package below for more information.  We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what opportunities we can uncover together!

    CTE Internship Packet for Businesses


    We would love to hear from you with any questions you may have or provide information.   Peter Phillips and Farah shakoorian are our CTE Work Based Learning Specialists.  They can be reached by email at phillips.peter@brevardschools.org or at 321-633-1000 x11357 or shakoorian.farah@brevardschools.org or at 321-633-1000 X 11238

CTE Program Flyers