• Hello Future Pirate!


    Please check your student Outlook e-mail because you recently received an email from Palm Bay Magnet High School regarding your 2021-2022 schedule.  This is very important to make sure you are scheduled into the classes that you need and want for your freshman year.


    Your guidance counselor will be Mr. Baker, currently he is working with our Seniors through the end of the school year, this summer he will be switching his focus to all of our Freshmen. For the remainder of the school year should you have any additional questions please reach out to me and I will be happy to help -  Bender.Courtney@brevardschools.org.



    Things to keep in mind when viewing your course requests :


    1. Your MESH (Math, English, Science, History) requests were provided by your middle school teachers if you attend Stone, Central or Southwest. If you do not attend one of these schools your request are the basic freshmen recommendations, and you should pay extra attention to where you feel that you would fit best.
    2. Your elective requests are based off of what you indicated through the elective registration process within the last couple of months with your middle school, this was through the link that you visited from our website, if you did not complete that process for any reason, do not worry, you will be able to update these requests through this verification process.


    1. The order that your courses are listed in have no bearing on how they will show in your specific schedule in the Fall, they are simply listed in numerical order based on course number at this time. The actual scheduling process is not finalized until late July and your schedule of what courses you made it into and when you will have them will not be available until August.


    1. If a course has an E(followed by a number) in the Ty column it is an alternate for an elective, these courses will be pulled in numerical order by the computer during the scheduling process if a course is full or no longer being offered. It is important to make sure you have at least 2 elective alternates listed, otherwise you may end up in a course that you have no interest in.





    XEDGRE09   READ 09                   This is Intensive Language Arts, a reading course based on your most recent FSA score


    XVS9THGR   VIR LAB 9TH GRD      This is a lab period to work on your required online class, this is on the other side of Careers


    1700380X    CAR RES & DE M       This is the required careers class, on the other side of this 1 semester course will be a virtual lab


    XCARED09    CAREER ED ESE 09   This is based on your IEP, this course will meet your careers requirement and provide learning strategies




    Now that you have reviewed your course requests please click the link below to verify you’re your requests and make any updates that may be needed:  https://forms.gle/waqset3JHpkeKC366



    Finally for anyone that would like to expedited their experience at our in person registration event that will take place this August, registration packets for the 2021-2022 school year are available for pick up in our guidance office at anytime. Anyone that returns their completed packet to our guidance office by June 30th will be placed on our Fast Pass list and because able to save an estimated 30-45 minutes during registration in August. Additional details pertaining to our in person registration event will be communicated at a later time.