• Department of Defense SkillBridge Program


    Changing Careers to Be a Teacher


    Brevard Public Schools is excited to establish and maintain a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense. The SkillBridge Program provides an excellent cross-training opportunity for our Veterans and their families. Through military experiences, purpose-driven ideologies, and adaptability, we believe that you will provide the necessary blueprint for cultivating and developing tomorrow’s leaders. 


    Our internship consists of working within one of our schools for up to 180 calendar days while still completing the terms of your current enlistment. Your commander would need to approve your acceptance in the DoD SkillBridge program and approve any non-geographical area restrictions. To become a teacher, you must either be in the process of completing or have already obtained your bachelor’s degree. 


    During the internship or upon completion, candidates would apply through the FLDOE for their three-year temporary teaching certificate and take/pass the subject area exam in the area they wish to teach.









    District staff members who can help with your intern/future educator questions:



    Elizabeth Squires Ext. 11209




    Victoria Huss Ext. 11296



    Susan Kirk Ext. 11298





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