• Celebrating Birthdays

    In alignment with the BPS Wellness Policy, we ask that celebrations be healthy. Offering so many treats, so often, can contribute to unhealthy eating habits. However, with a few easy changes, parents, teachers, and school administrators can shift the focus on school parties from unhealthy to healthy fun. Due to health safety, homemade items will not be allowed for birthday or other celebrations.

    Ideas for a Healthier Classroom Celebration include…

    *Donate a book to the classroom, in your child’s name. Quest will provide a special tag to place inside the book cover, naming your child as the donor. The teacher will then read the book or a chapter from the book to the class on your child’s birthday.

    *Send in a goodie bag, for each child, containing non-edible treats or a special item like sunglasses, that each child can take home.

    *Bring in store-bought food items, like fruit, smoothies, yogurt, etc. for a special treat.

    *Order items from our cafeteria, that meet the school nutritional guidelines. Orders must be made 10 days in advance and include a party for 24: popcorn, goldfish/string cheese, Rice Krispy treats, yogurt party, cookies and milk, ice cream party, etc. All parties, for 24, are between $12-18. Please click on link below for order forms.