• Brevard Public Schools uses Experian Verify to help us to better manage employment and salary verifications for our employees.  All companies wishing to verify information of this nature, should follow the steps below:


    To Obtain Proof of Employment or Salary Information

    1.  Go to www.experianverify.com and click on “Verifier Login”

    2.  Follow the prompted instructions

    3.  You will need the following information:

    • Employee’s Social Security Number
    • Employee's Full Name
    • The Employer’s name is: “Brevard Schools”
    • Valid credit card (e.g., MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover)
    • If income data is required, written authorization from employee (you will be prompted during the request process to upload or fax the authorization to Experian Verify)


    Are you a new Experian Verifier? 

    Go to www.experianverify.com and click the “Commercial Verifier” option to complete a brief one-time registration process.


    Experian Verify Contact Information

    Phone:  404-382-5400

    Email: verify.support@experian.com


    Still have questions?

    If you have a question that was not already addressed above, please email employmentverifications@brevardschools.org.