• Dispute Resolution

    When disagreements occur or when you believe that the school is not meeting its legal obligations, there are various options available to resolve these disputes. Information about these options can be found on this webpage. We would like to work through a partnership and collaboration to resolve disputes at the school and/or district level. 

  • Dispute Resolutions Systems

    Under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) the following dispute resolutions are available:

    • District Resolution Meeting
    • Facilitated IEP Meeting
    • Mediation
    • State Complaints
    • Due Process Hearing

    Information regarding these options are located under the IDEA tab on this website.

  • Contact Information - Coordinators

    Melissa Braun - Elementary Contact


    Student Services - Administrative Support 

    (321) 633-1000 x11347



    Rochelle Moran - Secondary Contact


    Student Services - Administrative Support

    (321) 633-1000 x11558