PUBLIC NOTICE: Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program

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Emergency Responder Radio Coverage in School Facilities Project

  • The Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Grant Program is administered by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and is federally funded. The competitive program focuses on "high impact activities to minimize or eliminate risks and reduce losses from future disasters...the funds provide an opportunity to improve state and local planning protocols and procedures." The goal of the program is to protect critical community lifelines, which include safety and security; food, water and shelter; and communications. 

    One of the eligible activities is to fortify buildings that are essential to the health, safety and welfare of a community, which includes schools. Unfortunately, school districts are not eligible applicants. However, the Brevard Public Schools and Brevard County are proposing to partner on a project that would improve first responder communication capabilities in school buildings. Brevard County will be the grant applicant and the District will be a co-applicant. The District staff is preparing the grant application with assistance from Brevard County Emergency Management. The Board of County Commissioners will consider the grant submittal on September 14th. 

    Deficiencis of the public safety radio communication were identified as a "significant factor in the delayed response times" in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission's initial report. By applying to the Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program, Brevard County, as the eligible entity and in partnership with the School District, can contribute to the enhancements of the public safety radio system inside the schools to provide the proper in-building radio coverage to the first responders. The requested grant amount is estimated at $5 million.

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