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    Dear Parents,

    The mission of Brevard Public Schools is “to serve every student with excellence as the standard.” Our elementary schools work toward this goal each school day by ensuring that every child has exciting and meaningful learning experiences. We expect all of our students to learn and demonstrate increasingly complex skills as they progress through the grades toward the goal of becoming responsible and productive adults. Toward this end, I am pleased to share with you a representative sample of the learning expectations for your child this year. These sample learning expectations are stated within the B.E.S.T ELA/Math State Standards from the Florida Department of Education.

    These benchmarks and standards provide focus and consistency for teachers and students and offer parents and community members a clear view of a school’s expectations for student learning. The parent's role in supporting children’s educational progress is increasingly important in our rapidly changing world. I urge you to review these expectations and to take advantage of opportunities to provide rewarding learning experiences for your child each day.

    I wish your child a successful school year!


                                                                                                              Dr. Wendy Smith, Director - Elementary Programs
                                                                                                              Curriculum & Instruction

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