Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

       We had another great week here at DeLaura with some exciting lessons going on around campus! I was able to hear our chorus singing outside this week as they were preparing for their Fall concert.  They are only a month or so into practices and they already sound AMAZING! Our music department’s concerts are some of the events that I look forward to each year and they never cease to amaze me with their talents.  Be on the lookout in the “DeLaura Details” for concert dates and information over the next several months for our band, chorus and orchestra groups.    I also wanted to thank all of our families whose students returned their Federal Impact Aid forms and helped us secure valuable federal dollars for our schools. I know it can be a challenge to find some of the items that get sent home with students, we appreciate the effort it takes to stay connected with your middle school student. 

    Lastly,  there were several updates to Quarantine Procedures and Face coverings this past week and I would encourage all of our families to visit the BPS website at https://www.brevardschools.org/ for updated information.  We thank everyone for their efforts to keep our campus safe and healthy this year.   I hope everyone has a great weekend and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun


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    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

        We had another AWESOME week here at DeLaura!  Our track season is well underway with a great turnout of student athletes and I am confident that we will be in the hunt for a county championship this year.  Just a reminder, that any students who wish to participate in an athletic event or club is required to have a completed athletic packet on file.  I also want to congratulate one of our math teachers, Ms. Lisa Rickett,  who won a grant to help beautify our campus.  The grant will provide money to refurbish the landscape in the front of the school by the main “DeLaura" sign and bring in some colorful native plants.  We are also looking for any parents or community members that may have some landscaping equipment or business expertise to help us once the project is set to start.  We are excited to continue the process of updating and improving our curb appeal.

    Just a reminder to parents to be sure to monitor your student’s social media habits and be “tuned-in” to their online activities.  As you may have seen or heard in the news, there is a “Tik Tok challenge” that is aimed at students trying to steal various items from their own schools.  Many schools around the nation have been impacted in severe ways and we have been lucky at DeLaura to only have a few minor incidents.  It is “challenges” like these that serve as a reminder for us to monitor our child’s online habits and remind them of some of the dangers they face online.  A few of our courses’ curriculum cover social media/digital behavior but it is always great to have parents and their children engaged in their own conversations at home around the topic. I encourage you to conduct regular check-ins into your child's online world and gather details about their online habits regularly. 

    Students will be receiving their Federal Impact Aid forms on Tuesday, September 21st.  Please try to review and return these forms as soon as possible.  Specific instructions will be sent out closer to the distribution date and these forms help Brevard public schools secure valuable funds for education.  Lastly, our PTO is also holding a general meeting on Tuesday, September 21st at 1:00pm.  Please check their Facebook page for additional information. 

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions. Go Scotties! 

    Jeremy LeBrun


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    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

     I hope everyone had a great week and is ready for a relaxing weekend ahead!  Just a reminder to keep an eye on the attached “DeLaura Details” each week as it contains important dates and information about upcoming events.  In sports news, track season starts next week!  Practice will begin this upcoming Monday (9/13)  after school, please see the track "parent letter" in the attached DeLaura Details newsletter.  All students must have a completed athletic packet to practice or participate in any athletic event.  Please see Ms. Fromson or Mr. Bonar with any track related questions.  

    I also wanted to take some time to recognize and honor the victims of the 9/11 terror attacks, our first responders, our military and their families.  On Saturday, it will be 20 years since this tragic event and I find it important to celebrate the American heroes from that day and those courageous first responders who helped our citizens in a time of need.  On 9/11/2001, I was a Junior at Satellite High School and what I remember most from that day was it was our teachers that kept us students feeling safe, secure and helped us through the day’s events while in class.  I encourage all of our families to use this weekend to spend time with their loved ones and give thanks to those brave men and women who serve our country each day.  Some ideas to help your students reflect on this day:

    • Have them write a letter to a first responder or member of the military
    • Volunteer in your community
    • Attend a ceremony or event honoring those from 9/11
    • Complete an act of kindness for someone in your community or neighborhood
    • Have an age appropriate discussion about the events with a trusted adult

    As always, I am proud to be the Principal of DeLaura and I look forward to helping our teachers and students each day.  Have a great weekend and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun


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    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

        We made it to our first three-day weekend and I am sure that our students really needed it!  We are closing in on the 1st interim period for grades and I know many of our students have been working hard to start their year off right.  The 1st interim is a great time to check-in with your student and discuss how the first part of the 9 weeks has progressed.  Although we like to give our middle school students some freedom to take charge of their own academics, it is always a great idea to have them explain to you their progress, challenges and plan for staying on track.  The interim is considered the “half-way” point for the first 9 weeks and there is still plenty of time to get any mistakes corrected.

    We will be starting to have some athletic activities going for our students in September which includes the start of track season and “open gym” for basketball.  Please see the attached “DeLaura Details” for more information relating to “open gym” basketball.  Track practice times, schedules and meet dates will be sent out in the near future and there will also be a parent meeting (virtual, date TBA) as well to explain the season.  All students are required to have a completed athletic packet prior to participating in any “open gyms” or track practices.   

    We will also be starting our English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math evening tutoring hours via zoom in the near future.  Students will have the opportunity to get help from math and ELA certified teachers in the evening and receive help on their school work.  You can always reach out to your child’s teachers at any time to inquire about options for extra assistance in any class. 

    Just a reminder that the School board’s emergency policy that requires face coverings goes into full effect on Tuesday.  Only those students with a medical opt-out statement from a licensed healthcare provider will not be required to wear them indoors.  I have also attached the school board’s emergency policy to this e-mail and I would encourage you to check back and read my “mid-week” update sent on Wednesday for additional information.  As a general reminder, teachers, staff & administrators are required to follow school board policies as part of our job duties.  The policy also requires that any front office visitor or vendor must also have a face covering when entering the building. 

    Lastly, Tuesday starts our first ROTATION of classes for the month of September.  Students will start with their 2nd Period class in the morning and then rotate in the same order (Period 2,3,4,5,6,7,1).  We will be reminding students Tuesday morning and will help anyone that gets confused.  Please view the full rotation schedule for the year in the attached “DeLaura Details” newsletter.

    Have a great three-day weekend and Go Scotties!

    Jeremy LeBrun


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    A message from DELAURA MIDDLE

    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

      I wanted to send out a mid-week “Principal‘s Update” to provide some information and resources on a recent emergency policy enacted by the school board on Monday.  I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we work through this emergency policy.   I have attached the school board's emergency policy to this E-mail and I encourage everyone to read through it and understand what it entails.  

    As part of all of our job duties as BPS employees, we are required to follow all school board policies as they are written regardless of any political and/or personal beliefs. Please keep this in mind as you are working with school staff (teachers, front office, Administration, etc.) during this time and be mindful of OUR requirement to follow board policy as part of our job duties.   Our parents have been amazing so far and I am thankful that we have such a supportive community.  I know this is a divisive issue with passionate parents/caregivers on both sides who are all looking out for their children’s best interest.  Our kids are lucky to have such supportive caregivers in their lives.

    Please see below for some key details from the policy that was sent out by the district to all families on Monday night.  A few key details they cited from the emergency policy (attached) are:

    • Each Pre-K-12 student, employee, visitor, vendor, or other person is required to wear a face covering at all times while indoors on school district property.
    • A child two years old or younger and a person with a medical certification are not required to have a face covering.
    • Medical Certification: A face covering shall not be required for persons who present school district staff with a certification from a licensed health care provider that the person has a medical, physical, or psychological contraindication that prevents the person from being able to safely wear a face covering.
    • Other times a face covering is not required: students with supervisor’s approval, eating and drinking, strenuous physical activity, receiving health care, exigent circumstances.
    • A face covering IS NOT needed if a student or adult is outside.
    • The mask mandate will reduce quarantines of students and staff, based on CDC guidelines.

    Please know that district policy does not allow for a parent to opt out of this order; however, we will certainly accept medical documentation from a licensed health care provider that would exempt a student or staff member from wearing a face covering.  In addition, there is also the updated district quarantine policy attached to this email as well.  As I have been the primary person calling all of the families impacted by quarantines, I know the disruption it can cause to households when students are quarantined for the health and safety of others.  The new quarantine policy which adjusts the distance down (6 feet is now down to 3 feet when masked) should hopefully have a positive impact on keeping healthy kids in school. 

    As we navigate these issues as a community, a simple request I have is to show support for your children’s teachers and the efforts they are putting in to educate our Scotties each day.  We have one of the most dedicated group of teachers around and they show up each day ready to help our kids.  If you have some free time and you feel like a teacher or staff member has gone the “extra mile” for you or your child during this difficult time,  please take a moment to let them know your appreciation with a quick note or word of encouragement.   

    As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions and I am so thankful to be the Principal of such a great school.  Go Scotties! 

    Jeremy LeBrun


     Emergency Policy .pdf

    Contact tracing and quarantine 8-30-2021.pdf






    Good Evening Parents, Guardians and Caregivers,

           We had another EXCITING week here at DeLaura filled with fun learning activities and lessons!  The next few weeks will really start to get busy as we have many of our school-based clubs starting,  picture day and we are gearing-up for the Track & Field season.  Please see below for some important reminders and updates:

    • School Picture day is Tuesday, August 31stPlease see the school picture flyer in the attached “DeLaura Details” newsletter for ordering information and the online ordering link


    • School Clubs – Many of our school-based clubs will be getting started soon!  Advertisements for the various clubs will run on the announcements and the full list of clubs & teacher sponsors is in the attached “DeLaura Details” newsletter.  Clubs are a great way to meet new friends and feel connected to the school community.



    • SAC – DeLaura’s School Advisory Council (SAC) will begin meeting in September.  SAC members must be voted in to the committee and the biographies of our volunteers are attached to this email. Please see the election ballot Google form here:  https://forms.gle/nm3rSm8zkQcqYNSM7    You may vote for as many nominees as you would like, one ballot per household.  


    • NJHS/BETA Club:  Please see the attached National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) and BETA club invite letter.  Our NJHS/BETA club is our top academic honors club and a great experience for our students to learn leadership skills and gain experience serving our community.  Please read the attached flyer and see if your student is interested in joining. 

    Believe it or not, we are getting close to the 1st interim of the first nine weeks.  Please check-in with your student and see how their progress is going in their classes.  Middle school transition can sometimes be a “bumpy” experience from elementary school as students are experiencing a little more freedom, juggling seven different classes, seven different teachers, new interests/behaviors, and navigating many new social experiences.  Please keep checking in with your student, provide words of encouragement regularly and feel confident that they will eventually find their way!

    Have a great weekend and Go Scotties!  

    Jeremy LeBrun


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    21-22 SAC committee bios.pdf