• District Resolution Meeting

    This is a meeting at which BPS personnel from the District level will meet with you and selected members of your child’s IEP team to try and reach agreement regarding your child’s educational program plan.  At this meeting, BPS District personnel will be in attendance in order to assure all reasonable and appropriate considerations are being made for your child.  To request a meeting with District personnel, please contact your school's assigned ESE Facilitator.

  • Facilitated IEP Meeting

    IEP facilitation is a voluntary process that can be utilized when all parties to an IEP meeting agree that the presence of a neutral third party would help facilitate communication and the successful drafting of the student's IEP. This process is not necessary for most IEP meetings. Rather, it is most often utilized when there is a sense from any of the participants that the issues at the IEP meeting are creating an impasse or acrimonious climate. For more information, here is the Florida Department of Education Facilitated IEP Meeting fact sheet or contact your school's assigned ESE Support Specialist.

  • Mediation

    A voluntary process in which both parties seek to resolve the issues involved in the concern with an unbiased, third party mediator from the Florida Department of Education. The mediator who will write up the details of the agreement that the parties come to through the mediation conference, the agreement is signed by both parties, and what the document states is mandated to be implemented. This process is overall less time-consuming, less stressful, and less expensive to complete than a due process hearing. For more information, here is the Florida Department of Education Mediation fact sheet or contact your school's assigned ESE Facilitator.

  • State Complaints

    A state complaint is whereby parents and other interested parties, including those in another state, may file a signed written complaint alleging that the school district has violated federal or state requirements regarding the education of students with disabilities. For more information, here is the Florida Department of Education State Complaint general information or contact the district staff at (321) 633-1000 ext. 11505. 

  • Due Process Hearing Requests

    A due process complaint is a written document used to request a due process hearing related to the identification, evaluation, or educational placement of a child with a disability, or the provision of a free, appropriate public education (FAPE) to the child. The complaint may be filed by a parent or public agency (such as your child’s school district). This starts a process that may lead to a formal hearing where a hearing officer decides the outcome. Families are NOT obligated to pursue the above alternatives to due process should they feel their concerns can only be resolved through a formal due process hearing, and they submit a formal complaint to the Department of Education. The request for due process should be submitted to the district and the Florida Department of Education.