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  • Contact your local Air Force recruiter!

    Chase B. Griffin, TSgt, USAF

    Enlisted Accessions Recruiter, H Flt, 333 RCS

    Rockledge, Florida

    Cell: 321-508-5879

    Office: 321-636-8723

    Email: chase.griffin@us.af.mil

    Contact your local Army recruiter!

    SFC Trudel, Steven

    Rockledge Recruiting Station

    1862 Rockledge Blvd.

    Rockledge, FL 32955

    Cell: 321-525-2054

    Office: 321-636-8001

    Email: steven.m.trudel.mil@mail.mil

    Contact your local Navy recruiter!

    Petty Officer Hill, US Navy Recruiter

    1856 Rockledge Blvd.

    Cell Phone number: 407-286-9110

    Office number: 321-636-5158

    Email: julie.e.hill1@navy.mil

    Contact your local Marine Corps recruiter!

    Sergeant Martinez, Christopher

    Marine Corps Recruiter

    1864 US Highway 1

    Cell: (321) 503-4747

    Snapchat: Martinez-usmc

    Instagram: @sgt_martinez_usmc_

    Email: christopher.martinez@marines.usmc.mil