• Create a Student Account:

    1. Visit the Bright Futures Website and click "Create A Student Account"
    2. Make sure you know your Social Security Number
    3. Fill out all of the required information
    4. Make sure you save your USERID and Password given to you

    Filling out the Florida Financial Aid Application:

    1. Click "Fill out the FFAA"
    2. Fill out the required information asked
    3. Select each school in Florida you are planning on attending (If you are planning on applying to both out-of-state and in-state schools, only list the in-state schools to receive Florida Financial Aid)
    4. Fill out any additional information asked if you are eligible for additional scholarships and grants

    How to know you've completed your application:

    1. When you click "Financial Aid Recipient History (FARH)" on your account page, your status in Section II for your applied scholarships will be listed as pending
    2. In Section VI, your FAFSA (If submitted), will show up with the submission date
    3. In Section VII, the description should say "Application Received- Results acknowledged"

    Some things to remember:

    Check to see if the postsecondary school you are applying to is eligible for the Bright Futures Program: Bright Futures Schools

    Make sure you check out the other programs that are offered in tandem with the Bright Futures Scholarship Program, to maximize you finanical aid!

    Make sure you are eligible for Bright Futures, determine which level of the Scholarship program you will be pursuing: Student Eligibility

    Turn in your Community Service Proposal (Takes five minutes!)Bright Futures Community Service Proposal

    Start logging service hours.