• "In October 2023 students from the 2026 cohort (rising 10th graders) will be given the College Board PSAT (paid for by Brevard Public Schools).  The PSAT is a practice college placement exam which aims to provide students information on their readiness for college placement testing. Some students from the 2025 cohort (rising 11th graders) elect to pay for the PSAT their 11th grade year to be considered for National Merritt Scholarships. 

    During the spring semester of a student’s junior year, Brevard Public Schools has historically paid for students to take the College Board SAT. This policy is expected to continue this coming school year.  

    For students to receive 504 or IEP testing accommodations (e.g. extended time) during these exams an application to College Board must be submitted many weeks prior to the test date.  Completing this application does not guarantee that College Board will approve any accommodations. These adult tests follow different laws/ regulations for the disabled that do not necessarily align with those followed in the K-12 educational setting.  

    If you want MIHS to complete the application (sometimes requires submitting their IEP/504 plans and any psychological, educational, medical evaluations we have on record) for your child please complete the reverse side of this letter as a permission form. This form must be returned to the school prior to August 10, 2023 to meet the College Board application deadline for the PSAT in October and allow us time to submit them.  

    It is important you understand that all students in the 10th grade will be tested with the PSAT and all 11th graders will be tested using the SAT.  If ESE or 504 student’s accommodations are approved by College Board, students will be tested separately from their peers.  If accommodations are not applied for or approved, students will take their PSAT/SAT with their nondisabled peers under standardized conditions.  

    If you have any questions, please call or e-mail guidance or Amira Rodriguez, MIHS testing coordinator.  Rodriguez.amira@brevardschools.org