• 4th Grade First Chapter Friday Program 

    West Melbourne School for Science invited the Heritage High School Varsity Baseball players to participate in their 4th Grade First Chapter Friday Program hosted by Ms. Elizabeth Adams.

    Prior to the team’s arrival, Ms. Adams provided the baseball players with a copy of the chapter that they were assigned to read so they could practice reading the text and generate some questions for the 4th grade 
    students. The players arrived and were escorted to the campus garden where their books, chairs, and personal signs with their names on them were staked in the ground.The students and players were provided with a menu with the title of each book, and the assigned reader, and they proceeded with the “Book Tasting.” The players read the first chapter of each book, giving the 4th grade students a “taste” or glimpse of what the book was about in hopes that they would choose one of the books to read.