• The lottery



    All New applications go into the Lottery when parents apply during the New application window. During the lottery window, applications are placed into one of our 6 tiers depending on what the student qualifies under. On the Lottery date, the district will run the Lottery, and the applications are sorted in a random order within the tiers.


  • Lottery Tiers

  • 1. Site Based Employees


    A tier for employees who wish to apply for their student to attend the same school they work at.




    2. Sibling Preference


    A tier for families who have a student who has submitted their Renewal application and has a sibling submitting a New application for the same school.




  • 3. Family Preference







    If a parent submits New applications for more than one student to the same school and one of those students receives a seat offer, when the parent accepts that seat offer, their other siblings will move into this tier to attempt to keep them together at the same school.



  • 4. In County FL Resident



    A tier for Florida residents who currently live in Brevard County.


    5. Out of County Florida resident


    A tier for Florida residents who currently live out of Brevard County. 




    Applying during the Lottery

    • Only applications that are submitted before the lottery will be placed in these tiers. Any applications submitted during the Waitlist timeline do not receive these tier preferences.
    • In order for your application to be placed on the lottery, 2 proofs of residency from Tier 1 and Tier 2 must be uploaded to the Family Dashboard. Any applications that are missing the required documentation after the last day of the lottery will be expired and parents will need to resubmit another application when the waitlist application timeline opens if they still wish to apply for the school. For a list of approved proofs of residency please click here
    • For each application, there is a $30.00 non-refundable fee. 




    During the Lottery notification period schools have a week to either offer or waitlist every New application that was placed on their Lottery. A notification will be sent to the parent's family dashboard email alerting them to a status change on their Family Dashboard account. Please make sure you are checking your Family Dashboard as schools are not obligated to contact families on seat offers. Please do not rely on the email notification, depending on the email service provider used for correspondence, responses and notifications on status may be blocked or marked as spam. All students who were offered a seat will need to accept the seat by the deadline listed on our Open Enrollment Timelines. If the seat is not accepted by the deadline, the seat offer will expire and the schools will move on to the next student on their Waitlist. Seats that are expired can not be reversed. All remaining applications that were not offered a seat will be placed on the Waitlist. Schools can continue to offer seats off the Waitlist until the last day listed on our Open Enrollment Timelines. 






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  • timelines and available schools



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    Terms and conditions  

    Terms & Conditions

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