• Types of Applications

  • ELO Education Location Option

  • An option to apply to attend a school other than the zoned school of attendance through a change of location only, not for a specific program or study.

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  • Choice Schools

  • A school-wide thematic program of study for eligible students. These schools do not have a residential boundary.

    The Choice Schools:


    Freedom 7, Stevenson, South Lake, and West Melbourne


    Edgewood Jr/Sr and West Shore Jr/Sr

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  • EPO Education Program Opportunity

  • An opportunity to apply to attend a school for a specific program or theme of study. This may or may not be outside of your zoned school of attendance.

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  • Apply Now

  • During the academic school year: Have you “Just Moved” and your K-12th grade student attend a school they are no longer residentially zoned for?

    During the summer (between academic school years): Have you "Just Moved" and your K-11th grade student attended a school for the prior academic school year (through the end of the academic year) that you are no longer residentially zoned for?

    If your answer is yes (to either question above), you have options for your student’s school of enrollment with Brevard Public Schools. 


    Just Moved

    Application parents can submit to remain at the school they are currently attending/enrolled at if they have moved out of the zone area.

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