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    (Education Location Option)

    This is the option to attend a school other than the zoned school based on residence. This process is lottery based and has an ongoing waitlist process for options during the school year.


  • Requirements for Submitting an Application to a Non-Zoned School:

    1.  Must be a current Florida Resident and upload 2 proofs of residency from Tier 1 and Tier 2 to the Family Dashboard before submitting an application. For a list of approved proof of residencyClick here  
    2.  A behavior/academic parent and student contract is required upon entry. This will be completed by the parent during the application process in a series of "Agree" questions thru the Family Dashboard.
    • Athletics: Parents/legal guardians of non-traditional students (i.e. home education, private school, charter school) who wish to participate in a sport at a school for which they are not zoned, per FHSAA Bylaw 9.2, must follow Brevard’s controlled open enrollment and apply via our ELO process within determined deadlines.  In the parent comment section of the application (on the Family Dashboard), please notate the student is a non-traditional student who would like to participate in athletics.

      Once you have submitted your application, thru the Family Dashboard you will also need to fill out an EL-14 form to submit to our office. The EL-14 form can be found under the Forms Tab on our Open Enrollment website or from the school. 

  • Frozen Schools

  • Frozen Schools

    Click the Frozen Schools link to find a list of schools that are unable to accept ELO applications. They are closed due to the projected zoned enrollment of that school being 95% or greater of total capacity and recommendations pursuant to District Policy 5121 and Policy 7120.