• Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Information

    An online credit is no longer required for graduation in Brevard County as of July 2023.

    Students can take up to 3 FLVS/BVS classes in addition to their Viera High classes. Please sign up through FLVS platform and the request will go directly to your counselor to approve. You DO NOT need to reach out to us. After we approve classes, a teacher will need to be assigned. This can take up to 2 weeks, so please keep checking your FLVS dashboard.

    Counselors cannot sign you up for FLVS or BVS classes. Students have to request them through their FLVS platform.

    Counselor cannot provide FLVS Tech support besides resetting your password. Please reach out to FLVS Customer Service if you are having trouble with your account.