• Early Admissions at Eastern Florida State College (Full-time Dual Enrollment) 


     Applications are now closed for the Class of 2024. The deadline for applications to be sent to EFSC May 11th, 2023. 


    Below is the information for students who are interested in qualifying for Early Admissions their senior year.


    Early Admission Requirements:

    1. A state cumulative unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 or higher by the end of the 11th grade.

    2. College-ready test scores in Reading, Writing, and Math on the PERT, ACCUPLACER, SAT, or ACT.

    3. Meet state graduation testing requirements.

    4. Students must have completed all required subject-area graduation credits* by August 10, 2023 except for:

                                             1.0 high school credit in English             1.0 high school credit in Science

                                              1.0 high school credit in Math                 1.0 high school credit in Social Studies


    5. In good standing with attendance and discipline.


    * Students have to be on track for the Brevard Public Schools 26 Credit Diploma. This means students will need to have completed Career Research & Decision Making and HOPE (or have a HOPE waiver) to qualify for Early Admissions.


    Early Admissions Student’s Schedules


    • Students are required to enroll in at least 4 courses/12 credit hours each term. A course that is a co-requisite, such as Chemistry Lab, is not considered a fourth course since it is a companion class. The maximum number of courses is 5, but BPS students with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher who have received their high school’s permission may register for 6 courses.
    • Early Admissions students are full-time students at EFSC and may not enroll in classes concurrently at Satellite High School, Brevard or Florida Virtual School. There are no exceptions to this policy. 
    • Early admissions students may participate in varsity, junior varsity sports, after school clubs, theatre and musical productions. 


    The application deadline will be in May of your Junior Year. You will need to include the following three (3) documents in your packet:


    1. EFSC Early Admission Application: Provide your B Number and two well-written essay responses. Each essay must be at least 1 paragraph.

    2. Early Admission Eligibility Evaluation: Completed and signed by your high school counselor.

    3. Early Admission Student/Parent Agreement: Signed by you and your parent/legal guardian.


    Students submit their application packet using any of the 4 options below:

    ·        Drop off the three application documents as a packet to any EFSC Campus Welcome Desk

    ·        Email the packet with all documents saved as PDF attachments (no pictures or screen shots) to Donna C. Binninger at binningerd@easternflorida.edu

    ·        Mail the packet to Donna C. Binninger: EFSC 3865 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32935

    ·        SHS counselors/staff cannot submit applications on behalf students.


    Students must check their student Titan email account to find out if they have been accepted into the Early Admissions program.  EFSC does not send acceptance notifications to personal emails, parents, or school counselors. 


    Note: Seniors who have not previously participated in dual enrollment, and meet eligibility requirements, may participate in Early Admissions. There are a few additional steps to complete, including:

    • Completing an EFSC admissions application
      • Note: transcripts will be sent to EFSC by the registrar as part of the application process
    • Attending online orientation through EFSC
    • Submitting their test scores to EFSC


    The guidance department is happy to help all who are interested.  Please see your counselor or Greg Smith (Room 5-502) if you have additional questions or need any assistance.