• Benefits?

    The benefits of school fundraising go well beyond supplementing the school's budget for things like field trips, enrichment programs, and facility upgrades. When done right, school fundraisers also strengthen the bond between schools, families, and the larger community, all while bringing in essential funds.

    What Do We Use The Money For?

    When Cadets volunteer and help the Corp raise money, it is a benefit to the entire Corp.

    Our raised funds go toward events such as Combat Dining-In, Cadet Leadership Courses and Camps, Drill Competitions, Field Trips, Classroom Pizza Partys, Uniform Equipment, Updated and Newer Equipment for Drill and other Events, and a major one, Military Ball.

    How Can You Contribute?

    Stay Connected

    As the year progresses, we will be announcing fundraising opportunities for the public to donate. You can also contact Major Ramsey or Chief Fitzgerald for additional options and information.

    Cadets have an opportunity to volunteer throughout the year. 

    One of our major volunteer opportunities is the Brevard Renaissance Fair.