• Student Services Supports at No Cost


    English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

    Contact: Anne Skinner, Coordinator ext. 11951

    If a School or System has been designated its own LEA for the purposes of Federal Funding, that school or system of schools is not eligible for any services below that are funded through federal funding sources pursuant to FS 1002.33 (25).

    Charter school employees will be permitted to attend district-based English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) training at no charge. However, attendees must register for the training through the online learning management system.  Refer to the PD section of the BPS ESOL/Title III webpage.

    NOTE: Charter schools may elect to schedule training at their sites for the cost of instructor fees and materials.


    Contact: Chris Reed, Director 11566

    Consultation is available regarding the health maintenance of Charter School students.  FDOH-Brevard County nurses and Health Support Techs perform health screening of Charter School students as mandated by Florida statute (Scoliosis screening, Vision, Hearing and BMI screenings).  FDOH-B nurses also train Charter School staff to administer emergency medications such as epinephrine via an EpiPen, glucagon, diastat, and versed nasal spray.

    Student Services Trainings

    Trainings specific to Student Services may be available at no cost and include:

    • Student Enrollment Requirements\Student Immunization Requirements
    • Parents/Guardians and Student’s Rights
    • Code of Student Conduct
    • Discipline and Expulsion Procedures
    • Safety and Welfare of Students
    • Confidentiality and Privacy of Student Records
    • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)/Problem Solving (IPST)
    • Quality IEP / PEER
    • Section 504 Accommodations
    • Truancy

    Crisis Intervention Team

    Contact: Dr. Jayna Jenkins, Director of Behavior, School Psychology and Mental Health ext 11590 or Dr. Chana Spier, Assistant Director ext. 11347

    The BPS crisis response and recovery team are individuals trained specifically in crisis response to situations that may affect the whole school. Examples of categories that fit under the word crisis include:

    • death of a student or staff member,
    • a community tragedy that impacts the school or
    • natural disasters.

    In the event something like this occurs, the charter school principal should reach out to the Director of Behavior, School Psychology and/or the Coordinator and the Director of Charter Schools. The team will then reach out to the principal and discuss the type of crisis details and response.

    A member or several members of the team may respond to the school on the day of or the following day. The crisis team will conduct small groups or meet with individual students and families if needed. Typically, the team comes into school from 1-4 days with follow-up as the school community begins to recover from the event.