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    Mr. Rachad Wilson, Chief Operating Officer ext. 11229

    Major Brian Neal, Director of School Security ext. 11290

    Audrey Sirani, Administrative Secretary ext. 11290

    Cynthia Rayen, Project Manager (FSSSAT & SEOP) ext. 11352

    Safety and Security

    If a School or System has been designated its own LEA for the purposes of Federal Funding, that school or system of schools is not eligible for any services below that are funded through federal funding sources pursuant to FS 1002.33 (25).

    Pursuant to Rule-1.0018 School Safety Requirements and Monitoring:

    School safety specialists are responsible for the supervision and oversight of all school safety and security personnel, policies, and procedures in the school district, including charter schools.

    Charter Schools are responsible for ensuring that they have at least (1) safe-school officer assigned and present on campus while the school is in session.  District school safety specialist will work with Leading and Learning – Open Enrollment & Charter Schools to confirm compliance with this requirement via an annual attestation document completed by the charter school.

    Charter Schools are required to report conducted drills, both fire and active assailant, in the district reporting system in order that the information may be transmitted to the Department of Education, Office of Safe Schools.

    If a charter school lacks input access to FortifyFL, the charter’s governing board must ensure that the information for school listings and school contacts, as provided in paragraphs (9)(a) and (b), are timely provided to the district according to their policies.

    All charter schools will complete the annual Florida Safe Schools Assessment Tool (FSSAT).  The district will address questions and support charter schools through the related School Safety and Security Grant processes.

    If a charter school employee has been arrested, District Security will notice both the school and Leading and Learning – Open Enrollment & Charter Schools.  The school will be expected to work through state statute and charter school policy regarding employee sanctions, such as termination and reporting the incident to the Office of Professional Standards (FLDOE).

    District Security will send the charter school and Leading and Learning – Open Enrollment & Charter Schools any notices from the State Attorney’s Office regarding student arrests.

    Raptor and Rave

    Contact: District Security

    Telephone: (321) 633-1000 ext. 11290

     Charter Schools who implement the identical volunteer/visitor check-in system as the district, Raptor, may request training and usage support from district security.

    As of SY 2021-2022 all charter schools must comply with Alyssa’s Alert. While charter schools are authorized to select any mobile panic alert system that meets all requirements of Section 1006.07(4), F.S., including a system that is not the same one selected by the charter’s sponsor. Prior to contracting for a system that differs from that used by the charter’s sponsor, a charter school must consult with the sponsor on any potential safety impact of using a different system.  The district will only support charter schools in the use of the RAVE mobile alert system used by the district.