• Independent Citizens Committee for Millage Oversight (ICCMO)

  • ICCMO Purpose and Composition

    The purpose of the Independent Citizen Committee for Millage Oversight (ICCMO) is to provide oversight and ensure proper fiscal stewardship of the funds received from the ad valorem millage approved by the voters on November 8, 2022. It will be the responsibility of the ICCMO to provide the School Board and the community with information related to the utilization of the 1 mill approved by the voters.

    The millage will be in effect for 4 years and the funds will be used to fund compensation and/or benefits for teachers and all employee groups; access to, expansion of and/or support of student educational programs and technology.

    The ICCMO will be comprised of no less than seven (7) and no more than eleven (11) members.  Initial applications will be received and reviewed by members of the Board of Directors of the Brevard Schools Foundation, who will make a recommendation to the School Board for appointments. The ICCMO is independent from BPS and will provide intermittent reports to the School Board and the Audit Committee. The ICCMO members are expected to be appointed by the School Board in July 2023 and serve 4 year terms.

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     Applications accepted through June 16, 2023.