• BVS Summer 2023 Course Offerings

    Need a course this summer?  BVS is offering all of the courses below, with no wait lists!  Sign up today!

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    Core Subject Areas are available at the Advanced/Honors level where applicable.

    • English: 7th-8th Grade Language Arts, 9th-12th Grade English
    • Math:  7th & 8th Grade Math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Math for College Algebra
    • Science:  Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, Environmental Science, Forensic Science, Marine Science, Physical Science
    • Social Studies - MJ Civics, MJ US History, World History, US History, Economics w/Financial Literacy, US Government, Law Studies, Psychology, Personal Financial Literacy, AP US History
    • Physical Education:  HOPE, Personal Fitness, Fitness Lifestyle Design
    • World Language:  Spanish 1-2
    • Electives:  Career Research & Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Study Skills, Driver Education, Peer Counseling 1 & 2, Social Media, Theatre Cinema & Film Production
    • Career & Technical Education Courses:
      • Accounting Applications 1, Criminal Justice Operations, Digital Information Technology, Parenting Skills
      • ASPIRE Program (Principles of Teaching):  Introduction to the Teaching Profession, Human Growth & Development and Foundations of Curriculum & Instruction
      • HOST Program (Hospitality & Tourism Management): Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism, Technology for Hospitality & Tourism and Hospitality & Tourism Marketing Management