Contact: Resource Teacher – Speech/Language Pathologist

    Telephone: (321) 633-1000 ext. 11365


             Resource Teacher - OT/PT/Vision ext.11386

             Resource Teacher - Autism Program Services ext. 11425


    Charter schools are responsible for providing any related services to students according to the Individual Education Plan (IEP). Services such as Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy and/or Physical Therapy, Adaptive PE and other direct student supports may be contracted with district or private agencies.

    Speech-Language Service- BPS Fees

    1 Day of SLP Services = $307.00 per week

    2 Days of SLP Services = $614.00 per week

    3 Days of SLP Services = $921.00 per week

    4 Days of SLP Services = $1228.00 per week

    5 Days of SLP Services = $1,535.00 per week


    This fee schedule for service does not include the cost of mileage submitted by the Speech-Language Pathologist.

    Charter schools with greater than 40 students requiring speech-language pathology services will be required to directly hire their own speech-language pathologist.

    Physical/Occupational Therapy and Adaptive Physical Education – BPS Fees

    Occupational Therapy = $62.00 per hour

    Physical Therapy = $62.00 per hour

    Adaptive Physical Education = $36.00 per hour

    Deaf/hard of hearing Services = $36.00 per hour

    Visually Impaired = $65.00 per hour

    **If the student is in the Visually Impaired Program and is a braille reader, an 

       additional charge will apply to produce instructional materials at the rate of

       $18.00 hour.


    A Sample Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for ESE Services is included in the appendix.