Contact: Director – Instructional Technology

    Telephone: (321) 633-1000 ext. 11772


    Inservice sponsored (paid for) by specific schools or departments:

    a.       Sponsor’s staff would be given priority to enroll

    b.       Charter school staff would pay for their prorated share of the true cost of providing the training. For example, the cost could range from $39.22 per hour for 8-12 participants. The cost of training for charter school employees would be determined by the cost of the instructor per hour, the type of training, number of participants, and materials. The cost of materials would be based on duplication of the materials from the print shop and/or the cost of the materials to Instructional Technology. When calculating the hourly rate for the instructor, prep time needs to be added to the time allowed for the workshop.

    In-service sponsored by a charter school or schools:

    a.       The cost to provide training specifically for a charter school would be based on the true cost to the school system regardless of the number of charter staff members attending.

    Costs would include the trainer’s time (including prep time), printing costs for instructional materials, and any additional items, which Instructional Media must purchase.