Contact: ProGoe Specialist

    Telephone: (321) 633-1000 ext. 11175


    All training offerings are listed on ProGOE. Professional development is a collaborative effort of the departments that offer training district-wide. Access to the Professional Development site is handled through the Information Management Services and is the responsibility of the employee/charter school.

    Professional Development opportunities are advertised in the Leadership Team Packet (LTP), to which all charter principals’ have access. ProGOE is available for workshop registration and the tracking of professional development participation along with archived in-service records

    Seating is first come first serve for all participants regardless of District or Charter employment status (except as noted in individual description). Charter schools will be responsible for material costs (workbooks, books, planners, software, etc.), and will be assessed a fee if the instructional opportunity is paid for from BPS operational funds.

    Charter schools participating in the district’s Title II programming will have various face to face and online courses available to them, including endorsement courses, new educator symposiums, and other workshops. Workshops that charter employees are eligible to take will be designated in the course description as “Charter School Employees Welcome”.

    Each charter school will need to designate at least one staff member to serve as ProGOE Inservice Representative, who will serve as the school contact for professional development. Annually charter schools should update the names of the Inservice Representative by emailing Professional Development. Inservice Representatives will be expected to attend training sessions offered by BPS PD Department on how to create and manage professional development opportunities at their school site.

    Workshops provided at the district level will be open to employees of the charter schools on a space available basis unless noted otherwise in the description. Workshops are identified with the phrase “Charter Employees Welcomed” in the description.

    FEE Schedule

    The following fees will be assessed accordingly for both Title II and other trainings offered to charter schools paid from district operational funds.

    $40 per 2 to 4 hour training

    $75 per 4.5 to 8 hour training

    $250 per Gifted Endorsement Class (60 credits)

    $250 per ESOL class (60 credits)

    $250 per Reading Endorsement class (60 credits)

    *Nominal costs for materials are included in the above fee structure. Books/binders or additional supplies may require a per item fee in addition to the participation fee.

    NOTE:  Participants who are a "No Show" for trainings/workshops or who withdraw after the course begins will still be charged a participation and materials fee.

    Grace period will be granted during the first week to add or withdraw only for the 10-week courses such as ESOL, Gifted and Reading Endorsement. 

    If a charter school would like to have one of the listed trainings offered specifically for its teachers, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) must be developed prior to the training which will reflect the associated costs (Instructors hourly rate, preparation time, travel, and materials).