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    Telephone: (321) 633-1000   ext. 11700


    Charter School Wide Area Network Connectivity Remote Site

    Computer Network System Connection – Technology Services Department

    Typically, no direct network connection services are provided to Charter schools. If required, you must contact the Technology Support Services for an evaluation and a quote will be provided for the network connection fee.


    IEP Access

    The Portal for Exceptional Education Resources (PEER) is the IEP system used by the district. Access to PEER for administrators and ESE teachers, will only be granted after a user completes a district sponsored PEER professional development session. Such sessions are held periodically each year with district staff and can be found on ProGOE. After successful completion of the PEER training, the PEER facilitator will submit the attendee’s name to district Network Specialist, who will authorize access. Once a user has been trained, and obtained access to PEER, the support specialist assigned to your school can provide ongoing professional development and technical assistance.

    PEER can be accessed through the FLDOE's Single Sign-On portal (https://portal.fldoesso.org). Alternatively, the user can go directly to the PEER platform (https://peer.fldoe.org) to login. Your login information is your district Active Directory USERNAME and PASSWORD. All employees, including charter employees, have an active directory account. The district help desk can assist you in gathering this information should you need assistance.

    Remote Connection

    Remote connection to the School District of Brevard’s network may be provided. The Charter facility is required to have a service provider. The principal at the facility must follow the process to request remote connectivity. Remote access will be provided only to those services required.  Additional requests must follow appropriate procedure to access individual applications such as AS400 or ESE IEP systems. Principals are required to file the appropriate document to get permissions for users to access the internal systems. Current access must be audited annually.

    Documents for approval

    •         FOCUS Access

    •         ESE IEP Access - PEER

    •         AS400 Access

     New School Startup for Charter School Access

    When an administrative decision is made to use a new facility (opening a new school or relocation), the administration must notify the department of Elementary Leading & Learning – Open Enrollment and Charter Schools.  A document should be created stating the creation of facility. It must contain the name of facility, location of facility and any staff members that will need network connectivity access.

    No staff members or network connectivity can be established until Steps 1 through 3 are completed.


    Step One: (Backend Active Directory)

    A container must be created within the Active Directory Structure.

    : (Frontend Process)

    Information pertaining to the new facility must be entered in the Facility Management web page on the Active Directory Management Web site.

    Step Two: (FIM Runs)

    The next time that the Automated Active Directory Modification Process (FIM) runs: Any staff assigned to the new facility by HR: The facility number that is entered on the B04 screen (the primary job record screen) will determine the facility that staff will we assigned to in AD.

    Step Three: (FIM Results)

    After the process runs:

    •         Security groups can be applied to the User AD account.

    Remote Connectivity Requirements and Guidelines:

    1. Remote connectivity requests must be completed and submitted for approval.

    2. Technology Services will have to complete Steps 1 thru 3, and charter school employees must be entered into the Non-BPS Staff Database before any processing for network access can begin.

    3. Charter school Access List to the BPS network must be maintained and updated by the Charter Leadership and always kept current.

    4. If an employee is terminated or transfers to another department, all group memberships are stripped from Active Directory including remote access. The end user is responsible to re-apply for permissions to connect to the BPS network using the process for new account.

    5. All remote access requests are filed with ELL-Open Enrollment & Charter Schools, before a request is sent to the Help Desk.

    6. Remote connectivity access should only be requested for Principals, Assistant Principals, Guidance Counselors, and AS400 Data entry personnel.

    7. Account credentials, usernames, and passwords, are provided to an individual person and must not be shared with any other person.  Sharing of credentials will result in remote access termination and an incident investigation to ensure no data was compromised.