• Helpful Tips for Parents:

    • Online Re-enrollment is very user friendly on a COMPUTER. If you are trying to complete one on your phone, it will be a struggle.
    • Once logged in, on the left-hand side, under your student, is a list that includes a “FORMS SUMMARY” tab. This is where you will locate the link for their student’s re-enrollment. Not to be confused with “FORMS”. You are looking for “FORMS SUMMARY”. If you have more than one student on your parent account, you will have to select the student you are working on, and then “FORMS SUMMARY” will be located under their name.
    • Parents MUST upload 2 proofs of residency.
    1. The first one should be an ID, Rental Agreement, Mortgage statement, etc, that includes the enrolling parents name and current address.     
    2. The second should be a utility bill, car registration or insurance card, voter registration card etc, that has the name of the enrolling parent and their current address.
    • The Re-enrollment is 26 pages. You must complete each page (most just require a signature) before moving on to the next page. The longest part of this process is waiting for the next page to load.
    • Toward the end, it will ask if parents need to upload new vaccines. That won’t be necessary for most  families. HOWEVER, parents of 6th graders should update their vaccines if they have received the TDAP booster required for 7th grade.
    • 6th Grade students DO need to complete a re-enrollment because their information will be rolled to their prospective middle schools in June.
    • Students not returning:
    1. If a student is not returning to Meadowlane Intermediate, but is staying in Brevard county, parents can still complete their online re-enrollment. Once we receive word from their new school, we can roll them over on FOCUS.
    2. If a student is not returning to Meadowlane Intermediate and is withdrawing to homeschool, they must stop by the front office to complete a withdrawal form as well as an intent to homeschool, which we will forward to the district.
    3. If a student is not returning to Meadowlane Intermediate and is moving out of Brevard County or out of state, they must stop by the front office and complete a withdrawal form.