• Medication Rules: Florida Statutes 1006.062 and the Brevard county School Board


    1.    A separate permission form must be completed for each mediation given at school.  Forms must be signed by the parent/guardian.
    2.    When completing permission forms, please make sure that your instructions match the pharmacy label or manufacturer label.
    3.    All medications must be brought in by an adult and be in the ORIGINAL container with the manufacturer or pharmacy label in place.
    4.    Non-prescription medication will be treated the same (including items such as cough drops).
    5.    For your legal protection and according to Board Policy, children CANNOT transport medication to and from school.


    Students in the Clinic

    Clinic facilities are not available for extended periods of time. Children who are unable to return to class will need to go home. Injuries and illness that occur outside of school hours need to be treated before the child returns to school. It is extremely important to have current phone numbers and other emergency contact information on file.  In the event of an emergency, injury or illness, we must have someone to contact. If a student needs to be excused from physical education because of a physical limitation, please submit a written note to the teacher. Continued limitations will re-require a doctor’s written excuse on file.



    Have questions for the clinic? 

    321-722-5539 then dial 1