Contract Management Services


    If a School or System has been designated its own LEA for the purposes of Federal Funding, that school or system of schools is not eligible for any services below that are funded through federal funding sources pursuant to FS 1002.33 (25).

    Services district will provide:

    • Contract development, modification, appeals, and negotiations

    • Renewals/terminations

    • Review of audits

    • Liquidation of assets after expiration/termination

    • Archives and maintains copies

    • Fixed assets/inventory

    • Monitor monthly finance reports

    • Capital outlay monitoring

    • Monitoring start-up grants

    • Monitor corrective action plans/financial statements

    • Monitor compliance with contract, state, and federal requirements

    • Site visits and annual reports

    • Application review

    • Charter School meetings to share new mandates pertinent to instruction and charter law.

    • Requests for contract modification*

    *After an initial opportunity to correct information and/or provide additional documentation, the agreed upon modification will be reviewed by district staff, who will make a recommendation on the request for modification submitted by the school. If the request for modification is recommended to move forward and the School Board approves the modification in its entirety, the modification will be made to the contract. If the modification is not mutually agreed upon by staff and the Charter School, it will not be brought to the School Board. If the School Board denies a modification, it may be modified and resubmitted.