• Q and A 

    1. Where is guidance? 

    1. We are located in Building 3, it is listed as room 311! 


    1. How do I schedule an appointment with my counselor? 

    1. We take appointments via phone call, email or in person.  

    -Please make sure to schedule the meeting with the counselor.  

    -If the meeting is during the school day, counselors will only ask to see students during electives.  

    -It is the student’s responsibility to report to guidance, with a pass provided by the teacher.  


    1. What if I have an emergency, do I ask for a pass? 

    1. It is important to understand the difference between an Emergency and a Priority.  

    -If this is an emergency, please notify your teacher, report to guidance, and ask to see the counselor.  

    -The Guidance counselor will meet with the student and communicate with the teacher to excuse the student.  

    1. What if my School Guidance Counselor is not here? 

    1. School Guidance Counselors are often on campus. If there is an emergency, Mrs. Taylor and/or Mrs. Haley can see a student.  


    1. When will someone call or email me back?  

    1. We can respond to a phone call or email within 24 to 48 business hours.  


    1. How do I set up a conference with my teacher? 

    1. Parent-teacher conferences through Guidance are held once the teacher and parent have had previous communication.  

    • The parent and/or teacher conference can be virtual, by phone call, or in person.  

    • If you request a conference, please be specific on the issue. 

    • Guidance Counselors will work with the teacher’s and parent’s schedule as well as the appropriate school schedule.  


    1. When do we talk about next year’s classes or high school level courses? 

    1. Next year, and/or high school classes are discussed in the Spring. Guidance will work with students and discuss the course sequence