• Course Registration for School Year 2024-2025


    It is time for course registration requests for the next school year already! Please read this entire email as it contains important information for your student(s).

    Course registration forms by next year’s grade level (so if they are 9th graders, they will be getting the 10th grade form) will be going out through homeroom teachers tomorrow, February 7th. The 9th graders will be receiving them at their class meeting. If your student doesn’t receive a form, they can come by Guidance, or they can print one from our website which is linked below.

    Every grade level will be having a class meeting in the next 4 weeks where course registration information will be explained by a School Counselor.

    However, to give you an overview, students will be visiting Guidance during their English classes with the schedule below. They will be meeting with their own School Counselor, and do NOT need to set up an additional appointment. If they do not have an English class, then they will need to come in on one of the makeup days.

    They will need to bring their completed forms to their meeting, which includes:

    • Student & Parent Signature
    • Every core subject initialed by a teacher
    • Electives ranked in priority 1-5 (1 being their first choice, 5 being their last choice)
    • Additional AP class requests initialed by a teacher.


    Registration Schedule

    February 20th-23rd

    Current 9th Grade

    February 26th-29th

    Current 10th Grade

    March 1st-8th

    Current 11th Grade

    Makeup Days: February 28th & March 8th


Viera Hawk

Course Descriptions/Progressions

Class Meeting Presentations