• Early Admissions

     at EFSC for 12th Grade  


    Early Admission is a form of dual enrollment that enables qualified students to spend their senior year at Eastern Florida as full-time students. Students earn credits that count toward both a college degree and a high school diploma. Upon completion of their senior year, early admission students are no longer eligible for dual enrollment.

    Early Admission students can complete a full year of college by enrolling in four or five EFSC courses in both the fall and spring terms totaling at least 12 credit hours each term.

    To be considered for the Early Admission program, students must have already completed the EFSC online application for admission and received their college acceptance letter before submitting an Early Admission Application following the process explained below. Additional eligibility criteria include:

    • College-ready placement test scores in reading, writing, and mathematics
    • An unweighted cumulative high school GPA of at least 3.0
    • Meeting the Early Admission application deadline


    For more information please click on Eastern Florida State College link below:

    Early Admission at EFSC